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What is the ISM?


The Institut Solidarische Moderne (ISM) is a think tank for producing new leftist political ideas. We wish to develop innovative concepts through dialogue and we want to build bridges between policy and science, civil society and social movements. We define crossover as the overcoming of various social barriers and a commitment to developing emancipatory ideas based on solidarity between people with various political backgrounds, including those who come from different parties or organisations. Mehr

Founding Statement of the Institut Solidarische Moderne

Released on January 31, 2010 in Berlin


The time is now – to both ask these questions, as well as to find solutions that can be politically realized. It is time for new ideas. The Institut Solidarische Moderne is committed to seeking them: open to innovative approaches, thinking in networks, and acting collectively, we wish to proceed by asking questions. And we believe that in doing so we will find answers that make another republic, another society, another world possible, here and now, before our very eyes, together. We do not wish to remain closed in on ourselves. Everyone who desires to contribute to the shaping of Modernity Solidarity is warmly welcome! Mehr